The Imperial Government consits of 3 smaller goverments. This would include the Noble Consul, The Small Consul, and the Imperial Governemnt. 

Lord Chancellor De NationeEdit

This position would be fullfield by a elected Nobleman, the people casting votes would only be the Imperial Household. The Lord Chancellor is incharge of making sure that each consul member is doing there part in the Empire.

Vice Chancellor NationeEdit

This position is appointed by the lord Chancellor himself. The Vice Chancellor is a personal secretary to the Chancellor himself

Chancellor Of Finance Edit

The Chancelor of Finance is appointed by the Emperor, and is inchagre of the financal problems in the empire, as well as fixing them.

Chancellor Of Defense Edit

The Chancellor of Defense is elected by the Nobles. He is incharge of making sure the Army is running, and all catogorys of the Army branchs are equal.

Chancellor Of Justice Edit

The Chancellor of Justice is to make sure that each person has equal rights at court, and for a crime that happened. As well as making sure that all who define the law be punished.


Lord Chancellor De Natione - 240,000 Livre D'or Per year

Vice Chancellor De Natione - 100,000 Livre D'or Per year

Chancellor Of Finance - 200,000 Livre D'or Per year

Chancellor Of Defense - 150,000 Livre D'or Per year

Chancellor Of Justice - 125 Livre D'pr Per year

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